My name is Sally Crum and I have lost everything trying to prove that my son is innocent. My son Shane Crum has been in prison for over 20 years. He is innocent and if you read this entire letter you will think so too. Everything in this letter is from the reports and trial trancripts except for my opinions. Shane was accused of sexualy abusing his daughter Kayla Crum, she was 4 years old at the time. Shane received two life sentences back to back plus two years. Shane was told to stay away from Kayla in early January 1996 by Kayla's mother Christine McNutt because of these allegations.

         Christine, Christine's mother Linda McNutt, and Christine's boyfriend Johnny Confalone called human services. They came to he house to talk to them. Kayla was then taken to Childrens Hospital Medical Center of Akron on Febuary 7th. 1996. In my opinion who waits (weeks) that long to get a child checked out? These are very serious allegations. They waited from early January to Febuary 7th. to have Kayla checked out.

            Nurse Donna Abbott of Childrens Hospital checked Kayla for these allegations her report said there was no trauma to the mouth, face, head, neck, back, buttocks, chest, brest, abdomen, upper or lower extremities. External genitalia discribed as general appearance. The hymen had no tears or disruptions. The cervix was not examined. The uterus and adnexa was not examined. There was no physical findings. Physical examination indicates only the absence of penetrating trauma. At one point Nurse Abbott said the hymen can regrow. In my opinion even if the hymen can regrow I don't think it can regrow within a month without leaving a scar.

           Kayla was then taken to a phycologist Dr. David Coleman. His report said he had four or five visits with Kayla. He said Kayla required little time to prepare emotionaly beforetalking about the bad stuff Shane did to her. Dispite her young age she appears to be emotionally stable. However because of her young age Kayla should be provided with prehearing preperation to ensure her testimony. In my opinion if Kayla was emotionally stable why did she need to be prepared to testify?
        While Kayla was going through all of this Christine married Johnny on August 6th. 1996. Christine knew Shane from school then lived with him for eight years. How could you marry a man you only knew a little over a year when a man you knew for years was supposed to have molested your daughter? I would not have trusted any man with my daughter for a very long time.

            Johnny and Christine worked at M. K. Morris in Canton on afternoons that is where they met. Johnny then weat to days and Christine went to midnights. Christine would leave for work and Johnny would have Kayla at night, he would take her to Linda's in the morning before going to work. After work Christine would go home and sleep before picking up Kayla.

             One night while Christine was getting ready for work Kayla tried to kiss Johnny with an open mouth. Johnny told Christine and she said she does that sometimes and let it drop. Johnny waited until Christine left for work then asked Kayla again where she learned to kiss like that, she said on TV. he asked her again and she said I don't know. He asked her again and again until she cried and said maybe her dad showed her that. Only then did he let her go to sleep. Johnny then called Linda and they discussed the open mouth kiss and made plans to talk to Christine the next afternoon. The next morning Johnny took Kayla to Linda's and droped her off. By the time Christine went to pick up Kayla, she was saying Shane was doing bad things to her not just an open mouth kiss. In my opinion Linda spent the whole day with Kayla questioning her and it went from an open mouth kiss she learned on TV. to sexual abuse.

            While on the stand Kayla kept calling Shane her bad dad or bad father. When asked who told her to call him that she said her mom. In the police report and on the stand Kayla said Shane put his pee-pee in her pee-pee and it went up to her belly. In my opinion if a grown man does that to a 4 year old there would be some signs of trauma, tears,or disruptions, and some kind of emotional trauma.
              Shane was found guilty on three counts:

             COUNT ONE - Rape with force or threat of force. Rape is vaginal intercourse. He received a life sentence

           COUNT TWO - Felonious sexual penetration. This is to insert part of his body or other objects into a vaginal or anal cavity. He received a life sentence.

         COUNT THREE - Gross sexual imposition. Touching or the contact of one body part to another body part for sexual gradification. He received Two years.

              In my opinion how could anyone be found guilty on these counts with no physical evidence?

            When we appealed the lawyer found eleven assignments of error. We went to the appealent trial. One of the judges said he could not believe they found him guilty on such evidence. We thought that was a good sign. After the trial we asked the lawyer about it and he said the judges were elected officals and they would not over turn a case like this because they would not get re-elected. The lawyer said the only chance we could have is if we went in front of appointed officals. he was right they denied our appeal.

           We placed all of the case files onto this web site to allow everyone to see the truth for them selves, in hope that we will find the help we need to prove my sons innocences. I have spent all I have paying for attorneys and other things associated with this case. I no longer have the means to continue the fight to prove my sons innocents. I have lost my home and I'm living with my daughter. Without the ability to hire attorneys, experts, or professionals my son will likely die in prison for a crime that never occurred. We are hoping that someone out there will either be able to directly help us, or put us in contact with someone who can help us (including experts and attorneys).

              We will be linking an on line petition for people to sign in an attempt to get the court to reopen this case in the interest of justice, and to have all of the evidence and research to be considered. We will also be linking a go-fund-me page to the site to help with legal fees and other cost. We are asking everyone to please sign the petition, donate funds for his legal fees, direct others to this web site, and spread the word about our plight. Please help!

                                                                                                                                      Sally Crum